PL9642, Velcro 70mm x 20mm, 8 pcs/4 colors (blue, red, yellow, green)

PL9642, Velcro 70mm x 20mm, 8 pcs/4 colors (blue, red, yellow, green)
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Brand: Pro Legend


Velcro reusable made in the form of clamps or tape - designed for quick and safe fastening (mounting) of wires, cables and cords, network and fiber optic cables, etc. Convenient reusable solution for attaching multiple cables in a bundle, as well as for fixing cables to brackets or organizers - easy to install, remove or adjust. The tightening force can be adjusted, if necessary, the clamps can be easily loosened or removed, while the removed clamps can be reused. Recommended for all types of cables and wires.

∙ Type: Velcro (Velcro tie) or Velcro tape
∙ Material: 100% polyamide (woven weave)
∙ Operating temperature: from -40°S to +80°S

Technical parameters

Quantity per pack, pcs. 8
Product type Velcro tie
Length, mm 70
Width, mm 20
Color set
Weight, g 100

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