Wire 40cm red crocodile-crocodile, Wires and cables

Wire 40cm red crocodile-crocodile, Wires and cables
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Brand: FBELE


The product in the form of two crocodile-type clamps connected by an insulated wire 40 cm long allows you to quickly connect or disconnect contacts when performing measuring work or installing electrical and low-current networks. The contact parts of the crocodiles are made of nickel-plated steel and are almost completely covered with PVC insulators, which eliminates their accidental short circuit with other current-carrying parts and protects against electric shock.

The design of such a crocodile wire is simple and reliable, which guarantees its use for a long time without loss of functional properties.


  • Included: 1 wire with "crocodiles"
  • Wire length: 40cm
  • The color of the insulation of the wire and insulators "crocodiles": red
  • Connection of crocodile clips and wires: crimped, without soldering

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