RDC-RGB LED, 3W LED with driver

Photo 1/2 RDC-RGB LED, 3W LED with driver
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The module is designed specifically for the Neopixel RDC-NeoModule emulator , but can easily be included in any project with a 5V supply voltage and PWM color control. There is a 3W RGB LED on the front side of the board, and three LED drivers on the back side. One for each color. Control signals for each color are output to the connector. Contacts R, G, B.
Also, a divider with an NTC thermistor is installed on the board to read the temperature value of the board under the LED. Contact on the connector - Ts.

Wiring diagram

Wiring diagram

Pin assignment


This is an open project! The license under which it is distributed is the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license. The project is made in KiCad. Any files are available for download.

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