RDC1-0018a, Power regulator on the BTA41-600 triac and the K1182PM1R microcircuit

Photo 1/2 RDC1-0018a, Power regulator on the BTA41-600 triac and the K1182PM1R microcircuit
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Phase power regulator on a K1182PM1R chip and a BTA41-600 triac (40 A, 8.8 kW). This device is intended for: smooth turning on, turning off electric lamps and adjusting the brightness of their glow; adjusting the power of the soldering iron; speed of rotation of electric motors.

To install the K1182PM1R chip, a socket is provided on the board.

Wiring diagram


When the SW1 switch is connected to the P3 connector and the RC timing chain, the device operates in the lamp or motor soft start mode. The soft turn-on time depends on the capacitance of the capacitor C3, and the soft turn-off time depends on the resistance of the resistor R2. Choose the mode you need.

To use the device as a photo relay with smooth power control, a photocell can be connected instead of a switch.

By connecting a variable resistor to connector P3, the device functions as a power regulator.


- mains voltage: 220 V;

- maximum load current: 40 A;

- printed circuit board size 50.80 x 25.40 mm.


There is a voltage dangerous for human life on the board - follow the safety rules!

With a load current of more than 1A, the triac must be installed on a radiator with an area of at least 100 sq.cm
At a load current of more than 5A, solder the conductors on the printed circuit board that are not covered with a mask with a bare wire with a cross section of 2.5 sq. mm

Connection diagram.

Depending on the triac that you will use in the project, there are two connection options.

Triac pinout AAG (BTA41)


Triac pinout GAA


This is an open project! The license under which it is distributed is the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

Technical parameters

Number of channels 1
Maximum current, A 40
Maximum voltage, V 220
Voltage type ac
Regulating element triac
Weight, g 25

Technical documentation

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zip, 270 КБ


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