RS232/485 TO ETH (for EU), RS232/RS485 to Ethernet Converter

Photo 1/4 RS232/485 TO ETH (for EU), RS232/RS485 to Ethernet Converter
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SKU: 9001030673
Brand / Manufacturer: Waveshare Electronics


Bidirectional RS232/RS485 to Ethernet converter that provides data transfer between RS232/RS485 and RJ45 Ethernet port, configurable via web page.

- 32-bit ARM M4 series processor with frequency up to 120MHz, high speed, stable and reliable;
- Ethernet interface 10/100M Auto-MDI/MDIX, regardless of cross or straight cable;
- Both interfaces RS232 and RS485 allow you to work simultaneously independently of each other, without interfering with each other;
- Configurable baud rate (600bps~230.4kbps), support five
control bit modes (Parity): None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space;
- Several indicators to monitor the status of communication and operation;
- Available operating modes: TCP server, TCP client, UDP server, UDP client, HTTPD client (supports GET and POST);
- Supports Modbus, suitable for industrial applications;
- Supports Websocket, provides two-way transparent data transmission through RS232/RS485 port directly through the web page.;
- Configurable via web page, AT commands, serial protocol and network protocol, provides a configuration protocol that can be integrated into your own software;
- Supports custom heartbeat packets to make sure the connection is true and to actively receive sensor data;
- Supports custom registration packages, automatically passing the registered package as an identifier after a connection is established, so that different devices can be distinguished;
- Supports customizable web page, allows the user to customize the module configuration page;
- Supports a protocol similar to RFC2217, allows you to communicate with devices whose serial port settings (baud rate, data bits, etc.) may change;
- KeepAlive mechanism, disconnection detection, automatic reconnection;
- Supports reboot by timeout (reboot without data), provides long-term stable connection, configurable reboot time;
- Supports DNS domain name resolution, customizable DNS server;
- Supports DHCP, auto-obtained IP address or static IP address;
- Firmware can be updated via network;
- Restoring factory settings using software and / or hardware;
- Comes with a default MAC address that can be customized.

- Power supply: 5~36V (recommended 5V);
- Operating current: 86.5 mA (at 5 V);
- Power consumption: <1W;
- Interface protection: reverse-proof, ESD protection, surge protection.
- Operating temperature: -40~85°C.

- Ethernet:
- Connector: 4-pin RJ45;
- Communication speed: 10/100 Mbps;
- Interface protection: electromagnetic isolation 2 kV;
- Protocols: IP, TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, DHCP, DNS, HTTPD client, Websocket
- TX cache: 16 KB;
- RX cache: 16 KB.

- RS485/RS232:
- Connectors: RS485-screw terminal (A+, B-, GND) / RS232-plug DB9;
- Data bit: 5 bit, 6 bit, 7 bit, 8 bit;
- Stop bit: 1, 2;
- Parity bit: None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space;
- Baud rate: 600bps~230.4kbps;
- TX cache: 2 KB;
- RX cache: 2 KB;
- Hardware flow control: RTS/CTS;
- RS485 interface protection: 2kV ESD protection, lightning protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection;
- Pull-up resistor RS485: 2.2 kOhm.

1 x Converter (RS232/485 TO ETH);
1 x Adapter (5V power adapter (EU plug));
1 x Cable (Ethernet cable);
1 x Cable (Male-to-Female serial cable);
1 x Cable (Female-to-Female serial cable).

Technical parameters

Converter type rs-232/485 to ethernet
Number of ports 1
Body material metal
Mounting type installation on a flat surface
Connector type rs-232(db9m)/rs-485(terminals)/ethernet(rj45)
Galvanic isolation no
Protection against impulse noise There are
Weight, g 553

Technical documentation

RS232-485 TO ETH
pdf, 1022 КБ

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