SILICONE SPRAY (250ml), Silicone grease

SILICONE SPRAY (250ml), Silicone grease
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Protective, lubricating, restoring waterproof agent. This general purpose anti-corrosion water repellent is used to lubricate, protect and restore a wide variety of types of parts and equipment. Prevents drying or freezing of rubber parts. Perfectly lubricates plastic materials and promotes separation and release of stuck parts.

Benefits of using CRC Silicone Spray

Snow that got into the cracks and melted from a short-term thaw or from a warm car interior, or water that got into the holes after washing, all this moisture is absorbed into the rubber door seals and trunk lids of your iron horse. After a night of freezing in winter, the car owner is sometimes unable to open the doors of his car. Experienced drivers always anticipate this situation and try to take action the day before. An excellent solution to this problem is the use of silicone lubricant, which can be applied to rubber or plastic surfaces with a sponge or sprayed directly from an aerosol. CRC Silicone Spray is a silicone spray in an aerosol can, complete with a nozzle tube to penetrate the lubricant into hard-to-reach places.

Forms a colorless anticorrosive film.
It has great water resistance: it repels water from glass, ceramics, cloth and leather.
Eliminates creaking, jamming and jamming.
Protects metal, plastic, rubber and other surfaces.
A slight surface tension gives strength to the coating and improves the penetration of the product.
Effectively operates in a wide temperature range (from -40°S to +200°S).
It has excellent release properties.
Aerosol cans are equipped with a 360° valve (works in any position of the can) and an additional nozzle tube for ease of use.
The aerosol is pressurized with a non-flammable (without impurities) CO2 propellant, which means the content of useful product is up to 97% of the volume of the container (that is, 30% more
than with conventional hydrocarbon propellants).

3. Application
Prevention of hardening and freezing of rubber seals.
Prevent plastic devices from jamming and jamming.
Renovation of plastic, rubber and wood surfaces.
Excellent lubrication, especially for lubricating spaces between parts made of various materials such as metal/plastic, plastic/plastic, metal/rubber.
Application in almost all parts and equipment made of metal, plastic, rubber, nylon or wood.
Protection and lubrication of tools, hoists, jacks, winches, locks, hecks, switches and regulators, zippers, springs and pulleys.
It is used as a release agent in the casting and molding of plastic and rubber products.

4. Instruction
Apply a thin, even layer of product to the area to be treated.
For hard-to-reach places, use a special additional nozzle.
Reapply if necessary.
Safe on most commonly used rubbers and plastics (recommended to try before use).
Removal: using the CRC Quickleen tool.
Do not use on live equipment.

Technical parameters

Type spray
Volume 250
Type of funds silicone
Type spray/aerosol
Weight, g 251

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