T142-80-12, Power thyristor 80A 1200V [KMTSh-42]

T142-80-12, Power thyristor 80A 1200V [KMTSh-42]
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SKU: 9000918439
ItemNumber: Т142-80-12
Brand / Manufacturer: SILOVYE DIODY

Technical parameters

Maximum reverse voltage Urev., V 1200
Max. repetitive impulse ex. in the closed state Uzs.revt.max., V 1200
Max. average for the period value of the current in the open state Ios.av.max., A 80
Max. short-time impulse current in the open state Icr.max., A 1.5
Max. ex. in open state Uos.max., V 1.63
The smallest direct control current required to turn on the thyristor Iy.ot.min., A 150
Unlocking control voltage corresponding to the minimum constant unlocking current Uy.ot., V 4
Critical rate of rise of voltage in the off-state dUzs. / Dt, V / us 1000
Critical rate of rise of current in the on-state dI / dt, A / us 125
Off time toff, us 63
Working temperature, C -60…125
Housing KMTSH-42
Weight, g 69

Technical documentation

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