Troyka-Encoder, Encoder for Arduino projects

Photo 1/5 Troyka-Encoder, Encoder for Arduino projects
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The encoder is a rotary encoder that will replace buttons and potentiometers in projects that require setup and fast menu navigation. There is no more need to press buttons endlessly. By turning the encoder knob, you can set the brightness of the display, adjust the volume of the player, set the engine speed or go to the desired menu item.

Unlike a potentiometer, an encoder has no rotation limits - turn the knob to infinity.

- Module: EC12E;
- Type: incremental;
- Number of steps per revolution: 24;
- Shaft diameter: 6 mm;
- Shaft length: 25 mm;
- Supply voltage: 3.3–5 V;
- Dimensions: 25.4×25.4 mm.

1 × Board module;
2 × 3-wire loops.

Technical parameters

Sensor type Encoder
Name of the base component ec12e
Weight, g 13.2

Technical documentation

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