Troyka-Screw Pad

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Are you a fan of Troyka modules and building a project on Troyka Slot Shield or WiFi Slot? For sure, when assembling a Troyka system, there will be difficulties with remote devices, for example, with a pressure resistor or an anemometer. The Screw Pad will make a module of any form factor compatible with the Troyka ecosystem and keep the device beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

If you bite off the Troyka contacts at the bottom of the board, the Screw Pad turns into a neat hub for connecting single-unit Troyka modules.

- Supply voltage: 3.3–5 V;
- Dimensions: 25.4×25.4 mm.

1 × Board-module;
2 × 3-wire loops.

Technical parameters

Weight, g 13.9

Technical documentation

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