TV-40 3.5mm [bay-2 M.], PVC tube (cambric) 1m [bay-2 M.]

TV-40 3.5mm [bay-2 M.], PVC tube (cambric) 1m [bay-2 M.]
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Tubes insulating type TV-40 (cambric) are made of polyvinylchloride compound.
They are used at voltages up to 1000 V DC and AC with a frequency of up to 50 Hz.
Tubes TV-40 are designed to protect and isolate the output and mounting wires of electrical equipment and radio equipment - operating temperature from -40C to +70C
Specific volume electrical resistance, not less than 1*10 12 Ohm*cm
Electrical strength, not less than 15.8 kV/mm

Technical documentation

PVC tube (Kembrik TV-40)
pdf, 31 КБ