UF4005, Ultra fast diode 1A 600V 75nC [DO-41]

Photo 1/3 UF4005, Ultra fast diode 1A 600V 75nC [DO-41]
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Rectifiers 600V 1a Rectifier Glass Passivated

Technical parameters

Number of diodes in the case 1
Diode configuration Single
Maximum constant reverse voltage, V 600
Maximum (average) forward current per diode, If(AV) (A) 1
Maximum forward voltage at Tj=25°C, Vf at If (V) 1.7
Reverse recovery time, Trr (ns) 75
Maximum reverse current at Tj=25°C, Ir at Vr (uA) 10
Capacity, pF 17
PN junction operating temperature (°C) -65…+150
Housing DO-204AL/DO-41
Weight, g 0.4

Technical documentation