UTP10-S (01-1121) [Bay-10 M.], Twisted pair UTP, 10 pairs of Cat5 single-core unshielded (outdoor use) [Bay-10 M.]

UTP10-S (01-1121) [Bay-10 M.], Twisted pair UTP, 10 pairs of Cat5 single-core unshielded (outdoor use) [Bay-10 M.]
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The UTP 10PR OUTDOOR cable consists of 10 pairs of single core, HDPE insulated, 24 AWG copper conductors encased in a common PE (PE - polyethylene) sheath. Cable designed for organizing cable trunks outside buildings for data transmission.
For ease of installation, marks are applied on the outer side of the cable sheath in increments of 1 meter from 0 to 305 meters, which allows you to accurately measure the cable for laying, or determine the length of an already laid route. The cable is supplied on a reel 305 m long.
The UTP 10PR cable has higher characteristics than domestic telephone cables such as TSV or CCI, which makes it possible to transfer data at speeds up to 100Mbps (using Fast Ethernet technology), over a distance of up to 100 meters.
Meets ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-B.2 standards; ISO/IEC 11801; EN 50173. In the operating frequency range (1-100 MHz), the transmission characteristics of the cable exceed the limit values defined by the standard.

Frequency range 1-100 MHz
Wave impedance 100±15 ohm
Outer sheath material PE (PE - polyethylene)
Sheath Color Black
Conductor diameter 24 (0.5±0.02) AWG (mm):
Conductor insulation material PE (polyethylene)
Conductor type Solid (solid), copper
Cable diameter 8 mm
Fire safety level SM (general application)
Operating temperature range from -60 to +60°S
The number of meters in the coil 30 m

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