UTP4-S ng(A)-HF LSZH (01-0049) [coil-8 M.], Twisted pair UTP (fire-resistant), 4 pairs Cat5e, 24AWG single-core unshielded [coil-8 M.]

UTP4-S ng(A)-HF LSZH (01-0049) [coil-8 M.], Twisted pair UTP (fire-resistant), 4 pairs Cat5e, 24AWG single-core unshielded [coil-8 M.]
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Cable UTP 4PR 24AWG CAT5e 305m ng(A)-HF - Unshielded twisted pair, conductor material highly purified oxygen-free copper, 0.5 mm in diameter. (24 AWG). Sheath material - ng(A)-HF, fire-resistant, flame retardant in group laying, halogen-free composite, low fire hazard with low corrosivity of combustion products and smoldering.
The cable is used for single or group laying (taking into account the volume of combustible load) power supply circuits for electrical receivers of fire protection systems, operating rooms and resuscitation and anesthesia equipment of hospitals and hospitals, in crowded places (hospitals, schools, gardens, shopping centers, airports, train stations , metro), as well as in other important life support systems that must remain operational in a fire.

- Local networks of general purpose.
- Home networks.
- Small business networks.
- Computer networks.
- Data networks.
- Telephony.
- Digital television.
- Video surveillance systems (IP-cameras).
- Security and access control systems.
- Highly specialized networks (commercial equipment, warehouse networks, production networks using non-standard peripheral equipment, such as machine tools, CVTs, printing machines).
A twisted pair cable connects and transmits a signal between computers, computers and a server.

- The cable has 8 (eight wires), four pairs (4PR).
- The material of the conductor is highly purified oxygen-free copper, with a diameter of 0.5 mm.
- Conductor insulation - high density polyethylene (HDPE), 0.9 mm in diameter.
- Shielding, UTP - NO SHIELD.
- External insulation HF, thickness 0.5 mm.
- Overall cable diameter 5.4 mm.
- Cable bending radius minimum withstands 8 (eight) external cable diameters.
- Frequency range 1-100 MHz.
- Operating temperature from minus 30 C to plus 75 C, laying and installation of cables must be carried out at a temperature not lower than minus 10 C.
- Packing: bay 305 m.
- Service life of 25 years.

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