VLS3012HBX-1R5M, 1.5 µH, 4.19 A, SMD Inductance

VLS3012HBX-1R5M, 1.5 µH, 4.19 A, SMD Inductance
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A series of power inductors wire type VLS-HBX on a metal core.
Wire-type inductors are characterized by low DC resistance Rdc, which is achieved by using a highly efficient closed magnetic circuit based on ferrite materials with high magnetic permeability, while they have low power consumption.
Series Features:
- semi-shielded case
- low profile
- compact
Typical application:
- Mobile communication devices
- Consumer electronics
- LCD displays
- Hard drives

Technical parameters

Series VLS3012HBX
Nominal inductance, uH 1.5
Tolerance of nominal inductance,% 20
Active resistance, Ohm 0.067
Working temperature, C -40…105
Mounting method smd
Body length, mm 3
Case diameter (width), mm 3
Features semi-shielded
Maximum DC current, mA 4190
Weight, g 0.053

Technical documentation

pdf, 199 КБ

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