WS-11, Stripping Tool (Stripper)

Photo 1/8 WS-11, Stripping Tool (Stripper)
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  • 4 in 1
- removal of insulation from wires 0.05–10 mm2
- cutting of wires up to 10 mm2
- removal of the sheath from flat wires VVG-P, PUNP
- crimping of ferrules 0.5–6.0 mm2 In the standard range 0.2–10 mm2: automatic adjustment to the desired size and thickness of the wire insulation
  • In the micro range 0.05–0.2 mm2: use of the micro adjustment screw
  • Reinforced clamping jaws. Grip width: 13 mm
  • Window for shedding scraps of insulation, thanks to which the stripped insulation does not get stuck in the mechanism
  • Simultaneous stripping of up to 3 wires in one stroke, thanks to wide clamping jaws
  • Partial stripping function. Notch and offset
  • Built-in "CutPro" module for cutting wires. Professional blades instead of a sharpened section on a metal case in models WS-04 and WS-07
  • Types of crimpable lugs: non-insulated lugs and auto-terminals for double crimping
  • Metal flanging of the protective cover of the mechanism
  • Removable stripping length adjuster with screw fixing adjuster position
  • New ergonomic handles with a larger area of non-slip rubberized material
  • Hole on the handle for attaching a tool to a carabiner
  • Two built-in return springs
  • Weight: 360 g
  • Length: 206mm

Technical parameters

Purpose cutting / stripping
Weight, g 427

Technical documentation

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