Button KE-011 isp. 2 "Start" black. Electrical component KE-011.2.Ch

Photo 1/2 Button KE-011 isp. 2 "Start" black. Electrical component KE-011.2.Ch
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Button KE-011 isp. 2 "Start" black is designed for switching AC control circuits with a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz and AC voltage up to 660V (for DC - up to 440V).
The product consists of unified contact elements, a control device, and parts that secure the button on the surface.
The button is designed to work in the following conditions:
• temperature range - -40 - +40 degrees Celsius;
• humidity level - up to 90% at a temperature of +20 degrees Celsius and up to 50% at a temperature of +40 degrees Celsius;
• non-explosive environment that does not contain moisture in high concentrations that can degrade the device parameters;
• installation at a height above sea level up to 2 km;
• no more than 1200 inclusions per hour;
• minimum operating voltage - 24V;
• minimum current strength — 10A.
• hole diameter for installation — 31mm;
• rated voltage - 230V;
• type of control - button with return, without fixation;
• contact group — 1NO+1NC;
• manufacturer - "EngineerService".

Technical parameters

Button color Black
Degree of protection IP IP40
Hole diameter, mm 30.5
Outside height 11 mm
Number of posts 1
Button designs flat
Backlit No
With front, front ring Yes
Self-return (without latching) Yes
Weight, g 59.8

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