Transformer OSO-0.25-09 220/36V UHL3 OS0000002365

Photo 1/10 Transformer OSO-0.25-09 220/36V UHL3 OS0000002365
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OSO step-down transformers (single-phase) of the Kostroma FKU IK-1 trademark are designed to convert an alternating voltage of one value 380/220V into a voltage of another value 110; 42;36;24;12V.
They are used to power control circuits of local lighting and signaling complex circuits in order to increase the reliability of electrical devices and ensure safer maintenance of electrical equipment.
A single-phase transformer consists of two windings. When connected to a source, alternating current creates an alternating magnetic flux, which, closing along the core, permeates the turns of both the primary and secondary windings of the transformer, inducing EMF in them. When the secondary winding is connected to the load, an alternating current will appear in it under the action of the EMF. Thus, electrical energy is transferred from the primary circuit of the transformer to the secondary.

Technical parameters

Height, mm 126 mm
Depth 89 mm
Width,mm 124 mm
Degree of protection IP IP00
Secondary voltage 1 to 36 V
Secondary voltage 1 s 36 V
Rated Apparent Power 250 V.A
Relative short circuit voltage Uk 5.5%
Primary voltage 1 to 220 V
Primary voltage 1s 220 V
Designed as a safety transformer Yes
Weight, kg 4.01

Technical documentation

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