Circuit breaker modular 1p C 0.5A 4.5kA VA47-29 IEC MVA20-1-D05-C

Photo 1/8 Circuit breaker modular 1p C 0.5A 4.5kA VA47-29 IEC MVA20-1-D05-C
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A circuit breaker is a mechanical switching device capable of making, carrying and breaking currents in a normal circuit condition, as well as making, carrying for a specified time and automatically breaking currents in a specified abnormal circuit condition, such as short-circuit currents.

It is used in low voltage electrical networks, for switching and protection of electrical networks and devices for various purposes.

Switching on and off is done with a lever, wires are connected to screw terminals. The latch fixes the switch body on the DIN rail and allows you to easily remove it if necessary (to do this, pull the latch by inserting a screwdriver into the latch loop). The switching of the circuit is carried out by movable and fixed contacts. The moving contact is spring-loaded, the spring provides force for quick disengagement of the contacts. The release mechanism is actuated by one of two releases: thermal or magnetic.

The standard package includes the product itself.

Technical parameters

Rated current, A 0.5
Number of poles 1
Type of uncoupling C
Breaking capacity, kA 4.5
Rated Voltage, V 400
Type of current variable(AC)/constant(DC)
Embedding depth, mm 73.6
Frequency 50 Hz
Weight, g 100


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