Remote lock BIC-15.50 (d10-45mm) NILED 12401521

Photo 1/5 Remote lock BIC-15.50 (d10-45mm) NILED 12401521
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Brand: Niled


Consumables are intended for one-time use during the installation of SIP lines.

Insulating caps CE Purpose
It is used to isolate and seal the ends of the SIP cores.

The caps are made of dielectric elastomer.

The nozzle of the caps does not require hot air or special equipment.

PositionCore cross-section, mm 2 Length, mmDiameter min D, mmDiameter max D, mmWeight, gQuantity in a package, pcs
CE 6.356-35304104100
CE 25.15025-150408188100

Metal tape F 207 Purpose
Metal tape F207 is designed for fixing anchor and suspension brackets, in one turn around the support, on communication poles, overhead power lines of various voltage classes, railway contact network, elements of buildings and structures.

It is made of corrosion-resistant steel, has a machined edge, has increased flexibility, which greatly facilitates the fixation of the tape on the support with a staple.

Delivery in a plastic cassette of 50 m.

The CVF tool is used for mounting the metal tape.

PositionWidth, mmThickness, mmLength, mWeight, gQuantity in a package, pcs
F 207200.75039005

Hook Clip Purpose
The NB hook is used to fix the stainless steel tape F 207 on anchor supports.

The NC clip is used to fix the stainless steel tape F 207 on intermediate supports.

NameDimensions, mmWeight, gQuantity in a package, pcs
StaplesNC 10105100
NC 202010100
BugelsNB 101010100
NB 202020100

Coupling clamps E 778, E 260 Purpose
Tie clamps are used to tie bundles of SIP wires and attach to fittings.

The straps are mounted using the RIL9 tool.

Resistant to solar ultraviolet, ozone, etc.

Melting point: 260 C.

PositionTypeDiameter, mmWidth, mmLength, mDestructive load, daNWeight, gQuantity in a package, pcs
E 778210-4581753015100
E 260225-62582254025100

Technical parameters

Maximum conductor cross section, mm 50 sq. mm
Nominal conductor cross section, mm² 15 sq. mm
System type SIP-2/SIP-4
Weight, g 20

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