Starter ST 111 BASIC OSRAM resin. 4008321364876

Starter ST 111 BASIC OSRAM resin. 4008321364876
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Starter ST 111 BASIC OSRAM resin. 4008321364876 is designed to ensure the ignition of a fluorescent lamp in the circuit for connecting lamps to chokes. With a single connection, starters with a voltage level of 220V are used. When two lamps are connected in series, two 127V starters are used.
Starter ST 111 BASIC OSRAM is a device resembling a small discharge lamp with a bimetallic plate. When heated, it bends and provides the circuit needed to ignite a fluorescent lamp.
This type of starter is manufactured by Osram, one of the world's largest brands specializing in the production of lamps. The head office of the company is located in Germany. Now the brand's products are produced in 46 countries and supplied to 150 countries. This is the best confirmation of the high quality of BASIC OSRAM starters.
Product Specifications:
• power of lamps for connection: from 4 to 65 W;
• rated voltage — from 220 to 240V;
• system characteristics - single lamp circuit.

Technical parameters

Suitable for lamp wattage 65 W
Suitable for lamp power with 4 Watts
Suitable for fluorescent lamps Yes
Suitable for compact fluorescent lamps Yes
Weight, g 4.5

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