Box with step-down transformer YTP 0.25 220/24V (3 autos off) OS0000002235

Photo 1/5 Box with step-down transformer YTP 0.25 220/24V (3 autos off) OS0000002235
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A box with a step-down transformer YATP 0.25-220/24 is designed to transform the alternating voltage 220V of the primary circuit into a voltage of 24V of the secondary circuit. The circuits are not interconnected and have a frequency of 50 Hz.
The box is equipped with a socket that allows you to power tools, lighting fixtures and other electrical equipment operating at a voltage of 24V from it.
The transformer box is made of steel sheets and designed for mounting on a vertical surface (most often on a wall). Case dimensions - 127 x 230 x 142 mm.
Mounted inside the box:
• YaTP transformer 0.25-220/24;
• automatic modular input switch;
• 2 modular machines.
The rated insulation voltage for this equipment is 600V. Grounding type TN-S or TN-C can be connected to the box. The equipment can be operated in the temperature range of +10 - +40 degrees Celsius. At 20 degrees humidity should not exceed 60%. It is not recommended to install the transformer in rooms with a high content of conductive dust, chemicals in the air.
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Technical parameters

Height, mm 124 mm
Depth 148 mm
Width,mm 224 mm
Degree of protection IP IP31
output power 250 Watts
Type of supply voltage current Alternating current (AC)
Output voltage according to 24 V
Output voltage with 24 V
Short circuit protection Yes
Maximum output current 1 10 A
Rated supply voltage AC 50 Hz according to 220 V
Rated supply voltage AC 50 Hz with 220 V
Power consumption .28 kVA
Stabilized No
Weight, kg 5.12

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