Vinyl tube (PVC), 4.0x6x1.0mm 1m [Bay-4 M.], [Bay-4 M.]

Photo 1/2 Vinyl tube (PVC), 4.0x6x1.0mm 1m [Bay-4 M.], [Bay-4 M.]
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Brand / Manufacturer: Russia


Universal, multi-purpose, made of PVC. Tubes plastic (PVC) are made of plastic PVC. Glass-transparent, very light, resistant to UV rays and many chemical solutions. Convenient to use. Operating temperature range -10°C to +50°C

Standard execution - food quality. Designed for non-pressure transportation of various substances such as gaseous, liquid, in some cases bulk materials, including food products. It is used as a measuring instrument - for measuring the control of the level of liquids in containers, etc.