LDDS-350HW – LED drivers for track lights from MEAN WELL company


Track lights are one of the most dynamically developing segments of LED lighting. Such lamps are used in domestic and various premises to create zoned lighting or lighting installations. The key feature of track lamps is the possibility of obtaining a sufficiently long length or a special configuration. The second feature of track lamps is the presence of a common DC power bus (for example, 24 or 48V), which includes separate LEDs (lamps) with their own drivers, which can be used as DC/DC converters of a special oblong shape suitable for placing the driver in the profile of the lamp.

Ispol'zovanie svetodiodnyx drajverov serij LDDS-H v trekovyx svetil'nikaxThe use of LDDS-H series LED drivers in track lights

The LDDS-350HW converter is a converter from DC voltage (DC) to DC voltage (DC) of the step-down type, that is, with a decrease from the input voltage level, with current stabilization of 350mA, with a power of up to 45W. The LDDS-350HW LED driver is available in two versions: with remote on/off function (LDDS-350HW), and with dimming function (LDDS-350HWB):

Vneshnij vid svetodiodnogo drajvera LDDS-350HWBThe appearance of the LDDS-350HWB LED driver

The features of the LDDS-350HW DC/DC converter are a small–sized narrow housing, a wide input voltage range (12-56V DC), the most demanded output current value of 350mA, and high efficiency of 95%. The housing made of slightly combustible plastic and its full filling with silicone improve the properties of heat dissipation during operation, which is one of the key requirements for small-sized lamps, since local overheating does not occur, leading to failure of the LEDs and damage to the lamp itself.

Both modifications of the LDDS-350HW have the same number of pins, which differ in their purpose. The outputs of the DIM+ and DIM-LED driver LDDS-350HW are designed for remote on/off (Remote ON/OFF function):

Sxema podklyucheniya dlya udalennogo vklyucheniya-vyklyucheniya LDDS-350HWConnection diagram for remote on/off of LDDS-350HW

And the LDDS-350HWB driver has the same DIM+ and DIM-pins designed to control the brightness of the lamp (control the built-in 3-in-1 dimmer) in the following ways:

  • PWM generator (pulse width modulation, frequency 100-1kHz);
  • External 0-10V DC power supply;
  • resistance 0-50kohm (external variable resistor).

The variable parameter is the output current of the converter (Output Current), the brightness level of the LED lamp depends directly proportional to the parameter at the DIM input (PWM fill factor, voltage level, resistance value). For example, the connection diagram and the dependence of the output current on the value of the external resistance:

Upravlenie yarkost'yu (dimmirovanie) s pomosch'yu vneshnego rezistora LDDS-350HWBBrightness control (dimming) using an external LDDS-350HWB resistor

LDDS-350HW converters are best suited for creating LED lamps and/or installations (for example, LED advertising objects) with controlled brightness and operating time.

Main technical characteristics and features of LDDS-350HW DC/DC converters

  • Standard output current range: 350 mA.
  • DC/DC converter type: DC/DC step-down.
  • Wide input voltage range: 12-56V (DC).
  • Output voltage: 2-45V (DC), always 4V lower than the input.
  • High efficiency: 95%.
  • Modifications: remote on/off function (Power ON/OFF control); built-in 3-in-1 dimmer.
  • Built-in EMI filter.
  • Protection: short circuit, overload, overheating.
  • Cooling due to natural ventilation.
  • Full filling of the case with silicone.
  • The warranty period is 5 years.

For more detailed technical specifications, see the Specifications for LDDS-350HW DC/DC converters, and for questions related to the selection and use of MEAN WELL products, please contact us by e-mail Meanwell@chipdip.ru .