01-4700 (for 1 m), Cable KSPV 2x0.4 (m)

Photo 1/3 01-4700 (for 1 m), Cable KSPV 2x0.4 (m)
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With polyethylene insulation and PVC sheath. TU 27.32.13-006-39644825-2020.
Safety requirements in accordance with GOST 31565-2012.
The cable is designed for installation of communication and signaling systems, telecommunications, control and data collection for single stationary and non-stationary laying in collectors, tunnels, buildings, rooms in the absence of mechanical influences on the cable. The cable is operated at voltage up to 145 V AC in the frequency range up to 50 Hz or 200 V DC.

∙ Conductors - single-wire of soft copper wire with wire diameters of 0.4; 0.5; 0.64; 0.8 mm for KSPV cable.
∙ Insulation - the conductor is insulated with high pressure polyethylene.
∙ Stranding - insulated strands or twisted pairs arranged in parallel form the core of the cable. Twisting of insulated cores into a bundle is allowed.
∙ Sheath - a sheath made of polyvinylchloride plastic compound is applied over the core.
∙ Sheath color - white.

Technical parameters

Number of conductors 2
Conductor cross-sectional area, mm2 0.4
Insulation color White
Coil / coil size, m from 1
Sheath color White
Conductor material copper
Cable outer diameter 2.7 mm
core insulation Polyethylene (PE)
Number of cores 2
Sheath material Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Recommended installation temperature when broached with -10 deg.C
Operating temperature according to 60 deg.C
Operating temperature with -35 deg.C
Conductor diameter .4 mm
Weight, g 4.98

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