01-6534(1m), PGVA wire 1x1.50 mm2,CCA,red, 1m

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The REXANT PGVA wire is designed for flexible connection of automotive electrical equipment and devices with a rated voltage of up to 48 V, it is manufactured for automotive wiring and batteries and controls. It consists of a multi-core conductive core with polyvinyl chloride insulation.

Decryption of the PGVA wire:
P - Wire
G - Flexible
B - Insulation made of polyvinyl chloride plastic
A - Automotive

Technical specifications:
Rated voltage: up to 48 V
Electrical insulation resistance at a length of 1 km: at least 3.0 mOhm
Core insulation: PVC plastic
The color of the wire has a solid color
Flexibility class: 3
Minimum bending radius: at least 10 times the value of the minimum wire size
Maximum permissible operating temperature: -50...+70°C
Conductor: Copper-plated aluminum

Technical parameters

core insulation Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Rated voltage u 48 V
Core cross section 1.5
Weight, g 11.5

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