MEGEON 26001, Thermocouple

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K-type thermocouple MEGEON 26001

The MEGEON thermocouple is a simple, reliable and economical temperature sensor used in a wide range of temperature measurement applications. It consists of two dissimilar metal wires connected at one end. When properly adjusted, thermocouples can provide measurements over a wide range of temperatures. Known for their versatility as temperature sensors, thermocouples come in a wide variety of varieties such as thermocouples, connector thermocouples, junction thermocouples, infrared thermocouples, and more. They are commonly used in a wide range of applications. Due to their wide range of models and specifications, it is extremely important to understand its basic structure, functionality, ranges, in order to better determine the appropriate thermocouple type and material for measurement. Thermoelectric converters (thermocouples) are used to work with liquid, solid and gaseous media.


  • High reliability
  • Small size and weight
  • Small error
  • Made from quality modern materials

Brief characteristics:

Contents of delivery:

  • 1. Thermocouple MEGEON 26001 - 1 pc.





Temperature Range

-50 ... 400°C


no more than 5%

connector type

K-type plug

Probe diameter

3 mm

Probe length

12 mm

Wire length

920 mm

Net weight

8 g

Shipping Weight

10 g

Technical parameters

Type thermocouple
Weight, g 26

Technical documentation

Those. information
pdf, 132 КБ

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