HB-4-1.0-600V (black) [Bay-6 M.], Mounting wire, per 1m [Bay-6 M.]

HB-4-1.0-600V (black) [Bay-6 M.], Mounting wire, per 1m [Bay-6 M.]
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Mounting wire HB-4 is intended for operation indoors and under a canopy (in the absence of direct exposure to solar radiation and precipitation) in the circuits of electrical devices for general industrial use. Wires are resistant to vibration and shock loads; to gasoline, mineral oil and moulds. Operating temperature range: from -50°S to +105°S. Wires do not spread flame.

Description and design of the NV-4 wire
HB 4 - mounting wire with a core of tinned copper wires of the 4th class of flexibility according to GOST 22483, with PVC insulation.
Deciphering the designation:
"H" - not containing a fibrous winding;
"B" - PVC insulation (vinyl);
"4" - core class.

Since the wires are intended mainly for industrial applications and are designed for a long service life, GOST sets strict requirements for finished products in terms of structural, electrical and mechanical parameters.
The range of produced sections is from 0.08 to 1.5 mm2.
The cores must be twisted from tinned copper wires with a diameter not exceeding that indicated in the table.
The nominal thickness of PVC insulation is 0.35 mm for 600 V wires and 0.45 mm for 1000 V wires, the minimum thickness is 0.20 and 0.30 mm respectively.

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