PL9219 [Bay-5 M.], Automotive power cable (5Ga) copper, black [Bay-5 M.]

PL9219 [Bay-5 M.], Automotive power cable (5Ga) copper, black [Bay-5 M.]
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The interior of the car, in terms of power transmission to amplifiers, has a number of features, such as: low voltage - hence high currents; temperature changes; constant vibrations, etc. In this regard, there is a need for special power cables with a large cross-section and capable of transmitting high currents.
We offer a wide range of power cables, the cross section of which is measured both in millimeters and in Ga. Power cables are capable of passing current up to 150A through themselves at a standard distance from the battery to amplifiers (about 5m) without voltage drop. The cables are resistant to temperature extremes (operating range from -40 to +70°C), their PVC insulation is able to withstand heavy mechanical loads.
• Resistant to aggressive environments and temperature changes!
• Oxygen Free Copper (OFC)!

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