PP4 RED, Automotive Diagnostic Circuit Tester

PP4 RED, Automotive Diagnostic Circuit Tester
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Brand / Manufacturer: Power probe


PP4 is equipped with powerful features and advanced diagnostic testing modes.
1 PP4 is connected to the battery. You can apply power or battery ground directly to the handpiece. Dynamic component testing is the only true way to test an active component.
2 PP4 maintains a permanent connection to the power supply and ground. Voltage testing is quick and easy with just one probe connection
3 Using PP4 it is easy to take into account each connection and the voltage drop between the voltage source and the tip
4 Automatic voltage drop indication

Work in systems from 12 to 24V
8 operating modes
1 VDC - DC voltage measurement
2 Feed test - Load resistance measurement
3 AC RMS - AC voltage measurements
4 PP - AC voltage measurement Peak to Peak
5 HZ FRQ CTR - Signal frequency measurement
6 Fuel Inj - Measurement of the fuel injector and injector circuit
7 DRV TST - Provides safe voltage for measuring computer driver circuits
8 PPECT - detects open circuit signal

Minimum operating voltage - 8VDC
Maximum operating voltage - 30VDC
Tip resistance - 130Kom
Frequency measurement from 1Hz to 9999HZ

Technical parameters

Tool type tester
Purpose multifunctional
Weight, kg 1.2

Technical documentation

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