RTC1002 MAX, Digital oscilloscope, 2 channels x 100 MHz + Generator (State Register of the Russian Federation)

Photo 1/3 RTC1002 MAX, Digital oscilloscope, 2 channels x 100 MHz + Generator (State Register of the Russian Federation)
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Special version of RTC1002 digital oscilloscope with RTC-B221 option installed (100 MHz bandwidth), plus RTC-B6 option (oscillator)!
1) Sampling rate up to 2 Gsample/s, memory depth up to 2 Msample.
2) Low noise measurements thanks to the latest ADCs.
3) The oscilloscope contains a set of automatic measurement functions, QuickView function: one-click key results, mask testing.
4) This is a 10-in-1 oscilloscope: oscilloscope, protocol analyzer, signal and pattern generator, digital voltmeter, component tester, frequency analysis mode, mask test.

The device is included in the register of measuring instruments!
Designed in Germany, made in the Czech Republic!

The RTC1000 series of oscilloscopes combines the high sensitivity, rich set of measurement modes, and precision precision found in R&S products. Bandwidth from 50 MHz to 300 MHz, and two isolated connectors allow you to connect multiple components at the same time. It is also worth noting a huge selection of add-ons and accessories, thanks to which you can modify the product in accordance with your needs. The listed parameters are typical only for top-class equipment, but the low cost characterizes the development as a representative of the middle price range. That is why it will find application in research laboratories, and in small repair shops, and in educational institutions.

RTC1000 - versatility at an affordable price
Let's look at the features of the novelty in more detail. The main difference of the entire RTC1000 line is the 8-bit ADC developed by Rode Schwartz. It provides low noise and a sampling rate of 2 Gsample per second. This is a record figure for this class. In tandem with optimized software, this guarantees full hardware compatibility and minimal response times. In addition to monitoring the time and amplitude characteristics, the novelty combines the functions of other devices. Let's get acquainted with some of them in more detail.

Oscilloscope . Thanks to ultra-high sampling rates and a large amount of integrated memory, any research becomes a simple task. At the same time, you will not miss any important events. Screen refresh rates of up to 10,000 waveforms per second help detect even rare single deviations. QuickView technology and Fast Fourier Transform support provide instantaneous processing of accumulated information, while automatic math operations simplify reporting.
Logic analyzer . The RTC-B1 extension adds the ability to work with mixed signals, or just MSO on 8 additional channels. This allows solving a wide range of problems related to the repair and calibration of computer equipment. For example, you can easily define the delay interval between the input and output of an analog-to-digital converter.
Testing of data transfer interfaces . Today, SPI and CAN / LIN buses are common in many industries. They are used to exchange messages between integrated circuits. All RTC solutions (with the required options) support synchronization and decoding of selected protocols. It is possible to capture a selected area or launch according to a predetermined criterion.
Sequence synthesizer . By installing the RTC-B6, the scope of the RTC1002 is greatly expanded. In addition to reproducing standard waveforms, generation of 4-bit random-type sequences is available with a maximum speed of 50 Mbps. This is more than enough to test and debug cascades with complex architectures.
Digital voltmeter . Activating this feature eliminates the need for accessories when taking measurements. In addition to determining the basic quantities, you can also calculate the Root Mean Square (RMS) of the sum of AC and DC voltages.

The LCD display that the device is equipped with deserves special attention. A 6.5-inch diagonal and a resolution of 640x480 pixels provide unsurpassed image quality, and backlighting ensures comfortable working conditions even in the absence of lighting. Using the USB port on the front panel, you can independently update the firmware, as well as save the results and user settings to removable media.

Technical parameters

Type digital
Number of analog channels 2
Number of digital channels No
Bandwidth, MHz 100
Memory capacity per channel 2 Million Points
Additional functions options
Series rtc1002
State Register of the Russian Federation Yes
Weight, kg 3.6

Technical documentation