SC15 Servo, Programmable Servo,

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Brand / Manufacturer: Waveshare Electronics


High torque PSB servo, it can control the angle within 180°, and can switch to motor/stepping motor mode, which can continuously rotate within the program. There are two interfaces on each servo that can be used in series. Theoretically, 253 bus servos can be controlled simultaneously, and each servo can receive information such as current angle, load, voltage, mode, and so on. It is suitable for robot projects requiring steering angle and load feedback, such as manipulator robots, six-legged robots, humanoid robots, wheeled robots, etc.

- Up to 253 servos can be connected in series at the same time (requires full power), and can also receive feedback information from each servo;
- Wide input voltage range: 4.8-8.4V;
- Large torque, up to 17kg cm torque at 8.4V voltage;
- High precision, angle control accuracy reaches 180°/1024;
- The operation mode can be set by the program: angle servo control mode / motor mode (can rotate continuously).
- The servo is controlled by the Servo Driver with ESP32 board.

- Input voltage: 4.8-8.4 V;
- Mechanical limited angle: no limit;
- Angle of rotation: 180° (angle control in servo mode) / 360° (continuous rotation in motor mode);
- Data transfer rate: 1 Mbps;
- Gear: high precision metal gear;
- Idle speed: 0.18 s/60° at 4.8 V 0.16 s/60° at 6 V;
- Position sensor resolution: 180°/1024;
- ID range: 0-253;
- Feedback: position, load, speed, input voltage;
- No-load current: 200 mA;
- Stop current: 1700 mA;
- Size: 40.5mm x 40mm x 20mm.

Technical parameters

Component type servomotor programmable
Supply voltage, V 4.8…8.4
Rotor rotation angle, degrees 180/360
Rotational speed 0.16…0.18 sec/60gr
Torque, 17
Weight, g 70

Technical documentation

Servo Schematic
pdf, 27 КБ

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