Capacitors are electrical charge storage devices, electronic passive components used in all electronic, radio engineering designs. Different types of capacitors differ from each other by a constructive dielectric, which affects the scope of their application, and by a schematic prescription for certain structural applications. When choosing and purchasing a component, it is necessary to take into account its main characteristics, such as capacitance, operating voltage and capacitor type, as well as design, output or chip capacitor, surface-mounted element. It is chip capacitors that are the leaders in the production of companies such as Epcos and Murata, improving the design innovations of microelectronics.

The performance of electric motors and compressors in industrial and domestic installations depends entirely on high-quality starting capacitors. These capacitors are represented by Russian series DPS , K78-98 and imported analogues CBB60 , CBB61 . Epcos brand offers a series of reliable capacitors B33331V .
The range of metal-film capacitors, widely used in pulse circuits, and very popular among audiophiles, low-frequency amplifiers, is represented by well-known Russian and foreign manufacturers. Epcos polymer electrolytic capacitors have proven themselves in the field of portable electronics, power supplies, and converter devices.

The scope of tantalum capacitors is DC electrical circuits. This component is widely applicable in computer technology, modern mobile phones, high-speed portable radio transmitters.

A completely new type of capacitor is the supercapacitor, a long-term charge storage component. Ionistors, presented by Panasonic , have a long service life and an unlimited number of charge / discharge cycles. The main application of the component is the backup power supply of the memory circuit of electronic devices. The main parameters of the ionistor, what you should pay attention to when buying, its capacity, dimensions and operating voltage.

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