Insulation resistance meters , or megohmmeters - devices for measuring insulation resistance to direct or alternating current. As a rule, they are used to test the strength of the insulation of power cables, the installation of equipment for power wiring panels, high-voltage circuits of electrical equipment. Advanced models of products, such as Fluke 1550, 2801 IN , 2803 IN , 2804 IN are equipped with microprocessor control, sound and text indicators notifying the presence of dangerous voltage in the network, electrical breakdown detection function, high ergonomic performance, PC connection, high degree of protection.

The choice of product and its price depend on the number of its functionality. To assess the reliability and quality of grounding structures, transformers, switchboards, power plants, ground resistance meters are used, which are also used to measure the resistivity of soil soil. The high-quality Fluke 1621, 1623, 1625, MRU -101, 1820 ER models will help you accurately measure the grounding resistance of any electrical equipment, the potential protection of which is soil.

One of the types of instruments for measuring small resistance values is a microohmmeter. Sonel MMR-620, 630 ultra-precise devices have a high degree of safety in operation, high noise immunity, a clear graphic display, a memory of measurement results, and a connection to a PC. The products allow you to measure the resistance of various mechanical connectors, welded joints, cable cores and wires, motor windings, transformers and low-resistance coils.

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