Arinst SSA-TG R3, Handheld spectrum analyzer with tracking generator

Photo 1/7 Arinst SSA-TG R3, Handheld spectrum analyzer with tracking generator
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Arinst SSA-TG R3 is a portable panoramic spectrum analyzer with a built-in tracking generator and demodulator designed to display the spectral components of signals in the frequency range from 24 MHz to 12 GHz. High scanning speed makes it possible to detect impulse signals of digital communication standards: Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, CDMA, DCS, GSM, GPRS, GLONASS, etc. The built-in tracking generator allows you to measure the frequency response of passive or active devices, such as filters, amplifiers. Software demodulator of SHM/FM/AM signals is intended for listening to the air and tuning analog radio transmitters. Setting the regional coverage frequencies of cellular operators allows you to match the displayed signal with the corresponding operator.

For convenience, the built-in software of the device allows you to sign and highlight frequency ranges on the screen. For example, sign the names of radio stations, WiFi channels or frequency bands of mobile operators.

For whom?

The spectrum analyzer ARINST SSA-TG R3 is designed primarily for field work, it has a small weight, size and low power consumption. It allows service centers and repair crews to perform RF analysis on site for commissioning or repair work. In addition, the spectrum analyzer is ideal for repair shops and radio amateurs.

Using the device, you can perform the following work:

  • point the external antenna at the base station
  • conduct an express analysis of the radio frequency environment
  • check the correct operation of the cellular repeater
  • repair and configure the repeater, generator, filter
  • set up a radio transmitter with analog modulation

How does it work?

The device is built on the basis of superheterodyne transfer of the spectrum to a zero intermediate frequency, contains a high-performance microprocessor that performs digital signal processing. With its help, it was possible to achieve a high scanning speed of up to 20 GHz / s and a frequency resolution of up to 2.5 kHz, as well as implement software demodulation of analog signals. To expand the dynamic range of the input signals, the analyzer is equipped with a low-noise amplifier and a fixed attenuator. Built-in tracking (tracking) generator with adjustable output power allows you to measure cables, filters, etc.

Advantages of the spectrum analyzer ARINST SSA-TG R3:

  • 4" IPS color touch screen
  • wide frequency range: 24 MHz to 12 GHz
  • high scanning speed: up to 20 GHz/s
  • built-in tracking generator (tracking generator)
  • software demodulator SHM/FM/AM
  • built-in speaker
  • 3.5mm audio jack for headphone connection
  • full dynamic range including LNA and attenuator 125 dB
  • display of regional frequency allocations
  • custom display themes
  • charging from mini-USB or from an external power supply with a voltage of 7-24 V
  • low weight and dimensions: weight 400 g, dimensions 145x81x27 mm
  • battery life up to 4 hours


The spectrum analyzer Arinst SSA-TG R3 is not a measuring device, as it does not have an approved type of measuring instrument. Approval of the type of measuring instrument would negatively affect the availability and price of the instrument. Therefore, the spectrum analyzer, from an official point of view, is a field indicator. However, despite this, the device fully complies with all the declared technical characteristics. The analyzer is not a full-fledged classical spectrum analyzer, since it does not use a classical frequency conversion scheme for 100% suppression of the image channel. We use mathematical suppression of the image channel, which in some rare cases can lead to the appearance of "phantom" signals in the displayed signals.

frequency range
Displayed frequency range1 24 MHz - 12 GHz
Measured frequency range 24 MHz - 9 GHz
Maximum span ~12 GHz
TXCO GPS Reference Generator 26 MHz
Frequency Resolution 25, 10, 5, 2.5 kHz
Noise shelf2
in the band 24 MHz - 6.2 GHz -110 dBm
in the band 6.2 GHz - 9 GHz -100…-70 dBm
in the band 9 GHz - 12 GHz -70 dBm
Scan Options3
Maximum scan speed 20 GHz/s
Minimum Sweep Time of 12 GHz Full Bandwidth 0.6 s
RF input
Gain with attenuator on -15 dB
Gain with LNA On +15 dB
Wave impedance 50 ohm
SWR in the operating frequency range < 2.0
Maximum input power with attenuator and LNA off 0 dBm
Maximum input power with attenuator on +15 dBm
Maximum input power with LNA on -15 dBm
Maximum DC input voltage 25 V
Tracking generator
Measurement modes fixed, S21
Normalized output power level in the band 24-6200 MHz -8dBm : -29dBm
Normalized output power level in the band 6200-9000 MHz -14 dBm
Depth of power adjustment in the band 24-6200 MHz 21 dB
Power control step in the band 24-6200 MHz 3 dB
Demodulation types ShChM, ChM, AM
Functions AGC, S-meter, squelch
Bands for SHCM 400, 300, 200, 100 kHz
Stripes for World Cup, AM 20, 10, 8, 6, 4 kHz
Audio output Speaker 2 W, headphones
Screen type touch resistive, IPS
Screen resolution 800x480
Graphs spectrum, waterfall, S21
Built-in battery capacity 5000 mAh
Battery life ~ 4 h
Battery charge time4 ~ 3.5 h
PC connection interface USB
External power supply 7-24 V, 2 A
Working temperature range 0 … +40°C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 145x81x27mm
Weight 0.4 kg

Technical parameters

Type Spectrum analyzer
Weight, g 400

Technical documentation


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