Diodes are the simplest semiconductor devices, consisting of one p - n junction, the task of which is to conduct current in one direction and not to pass current in the opposite direction. According to their purpose, diodes can be divided into main types:

  • Rectifier diodes are designed to rectify alternating current of low frequency (50-100 kHz);
  • Power diodes are distinguished by a large load power (tens - hundreds of amperes), they are used in power circuits;
  • High-speed diodes are characterized by a short recovery time, a significant pulsed current, which allows them to be used in almost all areas of radio engineering;
  • High-voltage diodes are distinguished by high reverse voltage (units to tens of kilovolts), they are used in high voltage circuits;
  • Switching diodes are a type of high-frequency diodes that are designed to be used as key elements in high-speed switching circuits;
  • Diode bridges are diode assemblies made in the form of a monolithic structure;
  • Microwave diodes are used in radio and microwave paths;
  • Zener diodes designed to stabilize the voltage level in the circuit;
  • Protective diodes are designed to protect the circuit from pulse voltage surges, they are characterized by high speed and high instantaneous power;
  • Schottky diodes are a type of rectifier diodes that have a low voltage drop during direct switching, in practice they are mainly used in low-voltage circuits;
  • Varicaps are diodes that change their capacitance in proportion to the magnitude of the applied reverse voltage; they are used in frequency tuning circuits of an oscillatory circuit, frequency division and multiplication, frequency modulation;

You can buy diodes in plastic, metal, glass and transistor cases. The price of a diode depends on its type and basic parameters, such as the maximum allowable direct reverse voltage, the maximum allowable impulse reverse voltage, the nominal direct current, the maximum allowable direct current, the maximum allowable direct current, the maximum allowable power dissipation, etc.

Due to the simplicity of manufacturing technology, diodes are produced by almost all manufacturers of electronic components in the Asia-Pacific region.

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